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España Condo Resort Pattaya


project inspiration

Blue Sky's narrative of success consistently continues to this day.

We would like to introduce you to a new enchanting journey to Spain by the name of "ESPAÑA".

The spectacular architecture, exquisite designs, and Spain's rich and dignified history are meticulously combined with touches of colorful allure to create the quintessential characteristic of THE SIGNATURE CONDO RESORT, shaping a new living experience to fulfill all your aesthetic living needs and creating the perfect balance of blissful living.

Diverse function facilities hidden in Spanish-style residences inspire us to discover ]"harmony in expanding space in your life", an essential feature in the project's interior and exterior designs.

A perfect combination of contemporary design and classic style is the sophisticated signature of the ESPAÑA, an exquisitely detailed condominium with amenities to fulfill all your emotions.

project concept

When was the last time you feel you are 'living right in your own way'?


The answer is already here.

Upon entering the door, you will be greeted with a blend of blissful aesthetic and beauty of living, evoking a sense of finding the perfect soulmate.

We are giving you more in functional space and premium facilities to fulfill all your needs.


The perfect life is not about how well you live. It's about who you are with and how you live out your true desires.

ESPAÑA CONDO RESORT PATTAYA is ready to invite you to experience dreamscape in reality.

Offering you beautiful and rewarding memory, our project also ensures the best of satisfactory standard of living every second of the day.

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